For the next instalment of our interviews with the Directors of Sport from TAS member schools, we spoke with Hayden Reed, TAS Sports Leader, at St Columban’s College.


How Does Being A TAS Member School Align With Your School’s Values?

St Columban’s College’s values are:

  • Christian Tradition
  • Dignity & Justice
  • Catholic Christian Community
  • High Quality Learning
  • Collaboration & Subsidiary
  • Creativity
  • Stewardship 
  • Mutual Accountability

Hayden is proud of St Columban’s values and explained how the school thrives on giving students opportunities, whether it be sport or another extracurricular activity, to enhance students’ joy and growth throughout their education. 

As a TAS member school, since it’s very early inception, St Columban’s is passionate about the opportunities available through TAS sport. Hayden spoke highly of how students have free access to sports they might not otherwise be exposed to. This is made possible by the school supporting opportunities and offering equipment for activities like hockey, tennis and cricket.


What TAS Achievements Are You Most Proud Of?

Hayden is incredibly proud of the resilience demonstrated by the St Columban’s sporting teams. He fondly recounted on underdog teams that have moved up the ranks this year to become reigning champions, as well as teams that continually persevered throughout the season with a smile and a winning attitude no matter what the score was. 

Hayden was thrilled to share that St Columban’s also made TAS history this year with all six of their Rugby teams being crowned as undefeated Premiers! What an outstanding achievement, well done.

One particularly outstanding player achievement from St Columbans is alumni, Lakeisha ‘Lucky’ Patterson, who recently competed at the 2020 Paralympics in the 400m Freestyle where she went on to win a gold medal! This was her second gold medal in the 400m distance, winning the event in Rio 2016. Lakeisha’s continued hard work and determination is an inspiration to all TAS students.


How Do You Encourage Sporting Participation & Wellbeing At St Columban’s College?

St Columban’s views sporting activities as inclusive community events where students, families and loved ones can be actively involved. 

Hayden said all players are encouraged to have fun, bring a positive attitude, demonstrate resilience and go into each game with the spirit of friendly competition. He noted that extracurricular activities at St Columban’s College are not results-based. The goal at the end of the day is for students to participate, and most importantly enjoy themselves, regardless of whether they win or lose.


What Are The Sporting Facilities Like At St Columban’s College?

All students at St Columban’s College are fortunate to have access to a number of incredible sporting facilities. The facilities include:  

  • Gymnasium
  • Cricket nets
  • Futsal court
  • Three sports grounds
  • Oval space
  • Six tennis courts
  • Athletics track
  • Mary MacKillop Performance Centre which includes a stage, green room, sports complex and function centre.


What Sporting Partnerships Does St Columban’s College Have?

With a winning Rugby season under their belt, St Columban’s College Rugby players are renowned for participation and embrace coaching and development opportunities available through Caboolture Rugby and Brothers Rugby.

St Columban’s is fortunate enough to have a partnership with Caboolture Netball which cultivates umpiring and coaching pathways for students. 

The College also has connections with Moreton Bay Suns Basketball, who often referee student basketball games. Initiatives such as this help raise the level of sport professionalism among students.


Why Do You Believe It’s Important For Students To Participate In Sport?

St Columban’s College prides itself on commitment, resilience and dedication and Hayden strongly believes that students learn the value of teamwork through healthy competition. Sporting endeavours provide meaningful experiences for students by bringing together different year levels and schools. 

He expressed that because students rely on teamwork and cooperation, it can help them develop a real sense of accomplishment by contributing to their team as well as the greater school community. 

Hayden also mentioned that he loves how sport provides students with a stress-free environment away from the classroom and other distractions. Initially, a particular sport may not be a students first choice but this can be a valuable learning opportunity to change their perspective while building resilience and lifelong skills. Trying something new is a great way to encourage students to break out of their comfort zone.


What Opportunities & Support Does St Columban’s College Offer Athletes?

St Columban’s students are fortunate enough to have the opportunity, if selected, to participate in different tours and trips for various sports, including Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball (QISSN), Rugby League Confraternity Carnival and the Champion Basketball School of Queensland tournament (CBSQ). Often these trips run over a number of days where students are given exclusive coaching and exposure to other schools. 

Hayden commented that St Columban’s College is supportive of students hoping to achieve elite pathways by encouraging and assisting them to find suitable clubs, coaches, funding and competitions. The college offers flexibility to accommodate elite athletes who may need exceptions for training and competitions outside of school. He also explained the personalised support available, allowing teachers to work with families to ensure students can continue excelling with their studies while playing at an elite level.


Can You Tell Us More About How St Columban’s College Celebrates Interhouse Sports Carnivals?

Hayden said that interhouse competitions, namely swimming, cross country and athletics, are some of the most loved and memorable events at St Columban’s College. In addition, they run volleyball, basketball and touch football carnivals with six days of sport where each year level has the chance to compete, whether students are in school teams or not.

Students are also tasked with the responsibility of meeting throughout the year to plan various activities, assist with fundraising and carnivals, brainstorm and create decorations.

These events make up part of the Father O’Connell shield with different weightings for different activities. Hayden fondly noted that it’s run much like the House Cup from Hogwarts – just without the flying brooms!


What Do You Think Sets TAS Member Schools Apart From Other Private Schools?

Hayden said that giving students the opportunity to participate in Saturday sport, as opposed to after-school sport, allows families to be more involved. TAS competitions provide a relaxed environment for the community to come together and celebrate students’ sporting participation and achievements. And by involving families, we are able to enjoy greater levels of comradery and spirit. It’s really a win-win! 


St Columban’s is proud to be a TAS founding member school and we’re honoured to have their students participating in our competitions.