School sports help our children be part of something bigger than themselves while also learning to be part of a team in an active way. It’s also a great way to expand your child’s education and support them to learn new skills. Research shows that playing team sport can help enhance concentration, has a positive effect on classroom behaviour and develops social and psychological skills such as goal setting and leadership.

While there are countless more reasons sport is great for children, the costs of coaching fees, equipment and uniforms can sometimes weigh on the family budget and vary greatly if you have a few children who play a few different sports.

We’re here to help you manage reasonable expectations when it comes to having a great time playing sports without busting your budget.


Registration & Joining Fees

While participating in TAS Sport is included in your school fees, if your child wants to take it further and play club sport, it’s a different story with registration and joining fees often being the biggest cost.

The early bird gets the worm so you can avoid late registration fees by paying registration fees before the cut-off date, this is even better if your club or organisation offers early-bird discounts.

The Queensland State Government also offers a $150 Fair Play Voucher for children’s sporting costs which can be used to cover memberships, registration or participation fees with registered activity providers.


Equipment & Uniforms

There’s shin pads, boots, helmets, rackets and balls – have we left anything else off the list?

It’s helpful to discuss with your children and plan out what sports or leagues they would like to participate in early as this will help when it comes to know what equipment needs to be purchased.

This will also give you time to make the most of ‘new season’ or ‘back to school’ specials. Don’t hesitate to check out off-season discounts for the next season when clothing, footwear and equipment is likely to be on sale. You can even plan ahead by shopping a size or two up so your children are all set for the next couple of seasons.

Instead of buying new every season, make a habit of checking Facebook Marketplace or try organise a gear swap with other parents to trade equipment. This is a great option if your child is still deciding which sport they like best rather than investing in new or expensive equipment upfront. Your child will often be able to use borrowed equipment from your TAS member school, so make sure to check if this is an option.

If you have multiple kids playing the same sports, you can get more out of what you already have at home by handing down outgrown gear to younger siblings or other family members. Alternatively, you can sell used equipment your children have outgrown to purchase upgrades.


Travel Expenses

For TAS sport, your member school will organise transport for away games, so make sure you get all the information on where you have to be and when.

If your child is playing sport with a club, or you prefer to take your own transport, carpooling with other parents is a great way to save on travel costs and time, especially if you have away games or tournaments that are further from home. By taking turns driving you’ll also give your kids time to bond with their teammates. For older students, it could be an opportunity for them to get those much-needed learner driving hours!


Happy playing and good luck for the next round of games!