It’s no surprise that volleyball is one of the most popular Olympic sports and a huge hit with both TAS parents and players. It’s a great sport that can be played all year round, either indoors or outdoors, and is suited to both girls and boys. The game is fun and exciting, whether it’s juniors just getting started or aspiring professional players who are looking to take it to the next level!

It’s A Simple Game

The volleyball game was created around the eighteenth century as a blend of tennis, basketball, handball and baseball. Despite this, it’s a simple game without too many complicated rules.

There are six players on each side of the court. Players rotate clockwise. They hit the ball back and forth, with each team allowed a maximum of three hits on their side of the net. Points are then awarded to teams that successfully ground the ball on the opponent’s side of the net. Sounds fun, right?

It’s A Non-Contact Sport

Although volleyball is a high-energy game with explosive jumping action, it’s a non-contact sport so the only safety equipment your child might need is kneepads. You’re also not likely to find players getting injured due to force.

Volleyball is excellent for improving hand-eye coordination because it’s a rebound sport, much like tennis and badminton. It’ll also help your child develop their reflexes, balance and flexibility due to the quick change of pace and direction throughout the game. Stamina is required for long matches so you might find school teams doing endurance exercises, speed drills and jump training.

It’s For Team Players

Let’s not forget that a volleyball court is only 18m X 9m, a small space for twelve players! This means there’s no room for selfishness as it takes more than one person on the team to win the game. Communication is crucial for this team sport as students need to discuss strategies so they are open whenever the ball comes their way. They also need to learn to depend on each other and work together to anticipate the moves of the opposing team. As with any team sport, it’s a great opportunity for your child to interact socially and make new friends. Volleyball also encourages sportsmanship and teaches your young athlete how to work with others towards a common goal.

The Associated Schools volleyball season is typically played during Term 1 for boys and Term 3 for girls – speak with your child’s school sports director about how your family can get involved! You could also explore Volleyball Australia for their upcoming events or to learn more about this popular sport.