Elite Pathways

Developing Talented Athletes

The Associated Schools is pleased to offer its student players high quality competition and dedicated coaching to create an environment that supports progression to an elite level.

We’re committed to helping our players achieve their best which is why we’re proud to announce our partnership with Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), an internationally recognized athlete recruiting network that will help you prepare for athletic scholarship study in 34 sports.

If your dream is to receive an athletic scholarship in the United States of America, NCSA could be an excellent opportunity for you.


NCSA are believers in better lives through sport and know firsthand that better recruiting is the start to a better future


NCSA uses a combination of personal preferences, input from coaches and big data to help students find their best college match


You’ve got a team that goes all out when it comes to putting their student athletes on the best path to college and a rewarding future

Start Getting Noticed

With recruiting solutions for every family, use NSCA’s premium services through The Associated Schools and receive a 10% discount