Another new school year is just around the corner which means another year of school lunch boxes. Why not start Term One with a bang by adding these healthy lunch box ideas to your kid’s school bags? We think they deserve an A+! 


Sweet Lunch Box Ideas

Bliss balls are filled with energy-boosting ingredients that will also have your kids feeling like they’re snacking on a real treat! The best part is that they can be prepared in just ten minutes so they’re perfect for busy on-the-go kids. 

For an apricot bliss ball delight, simply process 8 wheat biscuits and 200g of dried apricots with one cup of milk and a dash of honey. When combined, roll the mixture into 12 balls before rolling in coconut and chilling in the fridge. These no-bake snacks are great for kids that love to help in the kitchen so why not make a double batch that can go in the freezer?

If you’re looking for a chocolate alternative, try this healthy lamington cacao, coconut and date bliss balls recipe. 


Savoury Lunch Box Ideas

Savoury pinwheels are a great alternative to sandwiches and for a family favourite, try these easy pizza scrolls with ham, cheese and passata sauce.

Simply spread puff pastry with 1/4c passata sauce, sprinkle with 1/2c cheese and layer with ham. Roll the pastry into a firm log, slice into even pieces and bake for 15 minutes until puffed and golden! They’re great straight from the oven but also delicious when cold so make a great filler for lunch boxes. Try swapping ham for salami, adding pineapple or going budget-friendly with vegemite and cheese.

If sandwiches and wraps are more your bread and butter, why not give fillings like egg, hummus or roast pumpkin a go? 

We recommend saving time and money by planning out your family’s lunchboxes, just as you would your dinners for the week. Streamline the morning chaos by cooking extra at dinner time so there are leftovers for lunchboxes, whether that’s chopping additional vegetables or turning surplus pasta into a pasta salad. 


Snacks For Lunch Boxes 

Make it easy for your family to love lunchtime by providing homemade food that’s easy for kids to eat. Everyone loves a bento-style lunch box so why not fill it with a healthy balance of all the food groups? 

Some of our TAS parent’s favourite fillers are: 

  • Chopped fruit and vegetables to boost nutrition. 
  • Popcorn. 
  • Crackers and dip frozen in ice cube trays.
  • Trail mixes with seeds, dried fruits and cereals
  • Frozen fruit in yogurt to help keep it cool. 


No matter how your kids might be feeling about the start of the school year, you’ll be organised when it comes to lunch boxes and fuelling your family.